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Dr. Smith has retired from First Baptist Lenoir.  Even though he is missed we wish him the very best.  Whild the church is looking for a senior minister, Dr. Bill Leathers will be our interim minister.
Dr. Leathers is a graduate of Wake Forest University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and received his Doctor of Sacred Theiology at Emory University
Every week day morning Dr. David Smith prepares a devotional for anyone who wishes to participate.  Below is an example.  If you would like to receive the devotional via your email, you may subscribe at the bottom of the page.
The Manna Connection
David B. Smith

Scripture for the Day: "Your brother has come, he replied, and your father has killed the fattened calf because he has him back safe and sound." Luke 15:27

Reflections: I am not a good proof reader. Early in the mornings when I complete these devotionals, my proofing abilities are not at their best. Sometimes I make painful errors in typing the reflection for the day. It is a weakness I attempt to overcome, but often the errors just remain hidden until I send the devotion for the day.

There is a small amount of consolation realizing that even some of the best writers and publishers allow errors to get by them. One of the most famous is the "Wicked Bible" which was one of the first editions of the King James Bible. It seems the King's Printer, who had the contract on printing the new Bible, missed a mistake in the type set. Exodus 20:7 had the word "not" left out so as to read: "Thou shalt commit adultery." While this rendition might have proved popular among some folks, the edition was recalled and the printer was fined. His name was Richard Barker and he died in debtor's prison in 1643. His printing error was very costly.

Yesterday, I left a typo in the Scripture. Today's Scripture is the verse I botched. Instead of entering the word "brother," I wrote "bother." So the Scripture read that "Your bother has come..." That typo has new insight for me. The older brother did see the one we call the Prodigal Son not as "his brother" but as "his bother." The return of his brother was an intrusion into his self centered life. The appearance of the one who was as dead, but now alive, was an aggravation...a true bother to him.

How often have I seen another not as a brother or sister in the faith, but rather as a bother to me? How often have I seen a person in need as a bother? When have I treated someone who needs the affirmation of my attention as a bother in my life?

When we know the Father's love, we come to see others not as bothers, but as brothers. Let it be...Let it be.


Prayer Request: O God, may we always be learning so that out of our mistakes we might learn more about you. Amen.




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Manna: The bread given daily by God to the Hebrew people as they sought the promised land. These devotions are part of the ministry of the First Baptist Church of Lenoir, NC. They are written by David B. Smith, Pastor.

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